Good Evening:

Good Evening!!! 🌟 First and foremost we need to applaud my amazing team! Mrs. Willbanks, Ms. Palladino, Olivia, & Anna! These ladies are not only my team but apart of my theater family! ♥️ They came through today when I needed them most and helped out in more ways imaginable! Thank you!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT REMINDERS: 🌟Please […]

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Hi All, Thank you to all who have sent in their payments to date!  Payments can be made during the pick up dates and times below and at the school office.  As a reminder, please make checks payable to Pennsbury School District if paying by check.  We will distribute paid ticket order(s) during the same dates and times.  […]



Important LAST WEEKLY SCHEDULE! Mon: 3-7 Tues: 3-8:30 Wed: 3-7 Thurs: 3-7 Friday: Call Time 5pm Saturday: Call Time 12pm 🌟 I understand this revised schedule requires more rehearsal time then previously planned. After today’s rehearsal I do have a few concerns and want to ensure they are cleaned up! Tech week is always the […]

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Cast Party!

Hello William Penn families! The Cast Party will be held on Saturday, March 23, from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm (between the 2 performances).  We will be providing the following: Chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A Pretzel nibblers from the Pretzel Factory Backed Ziti in tomato sauce from McCaffrey’s Macaroni & cheese from McCaffrery’s All families with a […]

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Good Afternoon!! Moving forward ALL checks should be made out to PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT! Thank you 🧡🖤 Mrs. O’Brien